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Welcome to Our Website
We truly look forward to becoming your trusted four-legged family practice.
We offer our clients and their pets the opportunity to receive high-quality, progressive veterinary care.  We want you to know about the best preventative and illness care options that are available and help you understand any medical condition your pet is experiencing.

Woodridge Animal Hospital
(630) 985-3101
2009 W. 75th Street, Woodridge, IL  60517
Monday  9-1,3-8   Thursday  9-1,3-6
Tuesday 9-1, 3-6 Friday  9-1,3-8
Wednesday closedSaturday 9-2
Sunday  closed
What makes us different?
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  • Exceptional Individualized Care and Service-  Each pet is an individual in our eyes.  We spend the time necessary to get to know what's "normal" for them both physically and behaviorally.  We allow a minimum of 30 minutes of doctor time for every appointment.  This relationship helps us provide your pet with the best care possible throughout their life.  See what our clients have to say about us.
  • Vaccinations Tailored to Your Pet's Lifestyle- Not every pet lives the same life.  This affects their risk for different diseases and the vaccinations they should be receiving.  At your annual preventive exam, we talk about these risks and decide together what vaccinations will provide the best protection for your pet, without adding unnecessary stimulation to their immune system.  Additionally, we recommend a staggered 3 year protocol for the "core" vaccines of rabies and distemper.  
  • Preventive Care- While development of many diseases are out of our control, our goal is to prevent any disease we can.  We provide recommendations based on the latest research on ways to prevent disease in your pet, in an attempt to help them live the longest, happiest life possible.
  • Puppy and Kitten Packages-  We developed these packages to cover your newcomer's basic veterinary needs and make it a little easier on your budget. 
  • Senior Care- As pets age, their physical and medical needs change.  We love our super seniors and are here to help you make those golden years among the most treasured by helping you keep your companion happy and healthy.
  • Loyalty Program-  It's in your pet's best interest to have a yearly preventive checkup.  Because you're doing what's best for your pet and choosing to partner with us for their care, we want to say thank you by giving program participants additional benefits.
  • Community- We're not a corporate hospital or just a business.  We enjoy celebrating what our pets (and patients) mean to us with members of our community. 
  • Accessible- We have online appointment scheduling and access to Dr. Amy's personal e-mail.
  • Home Visits- We offer our established clients the opportunity to have their pet examined at home.  
7th Annual Santa Pictures
 All Photos Of Pets on this site are Patients!
Dr. Amy, Tim, and their dogs Hope, Opie, and Ichabod