Our Logo
more than meets the eye
created by Tim's Uncle Ken, Tim and Dr. Amy.
The Tree
The first part of the logo to be created was the tree.  It was Dr. Amy's idea to have the paw print leaves as an "Easter egg"--something you wouldn't necessarily notice until you looked a little closer.  Uncle Ken did a fantastic job of creating exactly what Dr. Amy was thinking.
The Dog and Cat
The tree looked lonely by itself, so Tim decided the addition of a dog and cat would make the logo even better.  Tim drew both the dog and the cat on paper and Uncle Ken added them to the logo image. 
What breed of dog is in the logo?
The dog is not drawn as a particular breed, he's a specific dog.  Tim drew "Hobbes", our German Shepherd mix who passed away in August of 2010.  He was a very special companion to Tim and Dr. Amy.
What type of cat is in the logo?
Dr. Amy grew up with cats, all of which were domestic shorthairs, as is drawn by Tim in the logo.  Her first was named "Tabitha" and it was this stray kitten who inspired her to become a veterinarian.  Hanging at the hospital, there's a picture Dr. Amy drew of herself as a veterinarian taking care of "Tabitha".  Dr. Amy drew this picture in about 2nd or 3rd grade and her mom saved it and framed it as a gift for her graduation from vet school. 
Woodridge Animal Hospital
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