Our dedicated team is compassionate, attentive, and knowledgeable.  We genuinely care about what we do and the clients and pets we care for.  
Dr. Amy Van Tassel has been practicing in the Chicago suburbs since graduating from the University of Illinois in 2000.  She knew she wanted to become a veterinarian at a very young age- kindergarten, in fact.  She prides herself on caring for her patients as she cares for her own pets--with genuine compassion and a focus on prevention and early intervention.  In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, scrapbooking, handicrafts, and taking long walks with Tim and their furry family.

Dr. Amy and Tim met at school and have been married since 2002.  They're very happy to have the opportunity to work together, caring for their patients and clients. 

"Opie" was adopted by Dr. Amy and Tim from As Good As Gold rescue when he was 6 months old. 
Tim Van Tassel, CVT is a certified veterinary technician.  He graduated from Parkland College, the longest established technician college in Illinois, in 2000.  With a particular passion for dentistry, he enjoys teaching pet parents that good dental health can not only keep our furry friends' mouths looking and smelling good, but can actually extend their lifespans.  During his free time, Tim enjoys reading, playing with Opie and Ichabod, and watching movies with the family.

"Ichabod" joined the Van Tassel pack from Northern Illinois Pug rescue in 2014 when he was a year and a half old.  Both of the Van Tassel dogs have unique personalities but are both fun-loving boys.  They come with Dr. Amy and Tim to work most days and spend the majority of the day sleeping on the couch in back or wrestling and chasing each other.  Dr. Amy and Tim had a household of super seniors for many years before Ichabod and Opie and while they miss their seniors dearly, the boys definitely keep them young!
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