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Spring 2012 Newsletter
Smile for the Camera!

We'd like to have your pet on our website!  We currently use many photos from the internet and I'd like to replace them with pictures of our patients.  Please e-mail me or bring in your favorite photo(s).
Don't Forget To Give Your Pet's Monthly Preventative(s)!

If you need help remembering, you can have a monthly e-mail sent to you as a reminder or download an app to your smartphone.  
Visit our "library & links" page to find out more.

Current Manufacturer Discounts
For Dogs:
Heartgard Plus- Buy 12, receive a $12 rebate
(we'll even fill out the rebate and send it in for you)
Frontline Plus- Buy 6, get 2 free
For Cats:
Revolution- Buy 6, get 1 free or Buy 10, get 2 free
Protecting People and Pets

What are monthly preventatives for?
Heartgard Plus and Revolution protect against heartworm and intestinal parasites, making it extremely important to give these preventatives once a month, all year.  Because heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos, many peope used to give the preventatives only during the warm summer months.  Unfortunately, htis didn't keep pets fully protected because of erratic Illinois winters allowing mosquitos to be active at unpredictable times.  In addition, pets can become infected by intestinal parasites any time of the year, including during the winter months.  Two of these parasites, roundworms and hookworms, can infect people, particularly children.  For more information about how these parasites can affect you and your pet, visit either of the links listed above.

Frontline Plus and Revolution prevent flea and tick infestations of your pet and home.  Fleas are around when the temperatures are above 50 degrees and they are everywhere.  Ticks emerge when the weather is above freezing and can typically be found in wooded areas, tall grassy areas, and dog parks.  Some people have a false sense of security because they've never used flea and tick preventative on their pet and have never seen a problem.  They've been lucky.  All it takes is one animal (pet or wild creature) to walk through the yard.  Flea eggs don't stay on the animal, so an animal with fleas is like a walking salt shaker, "seasoning" the yard with parasite eggs.
United States Center for Disease Control:
Companion Animal Parasite Council: