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Loyalty Program
Benefits of Loyalty Program
  • Wellness Labwork Discount- In 2016, select wellness labwork will be discounted when done within 1 month of your pet's annual preventive exam. 
Level 1:  Urinalysis  - $10 off   details
Level 2:  Basic Blood Profile with Urinalysis   - $20 off  details
Level 3:  Complete Blood Profile with Urinalysis  - $35 off   details

  • Loyalty members receive a 10% discount off of every office visit/physical exam throughout the year.  As always, we never charge separately for an office visit and a physical exam.
  • If your pet has a health concern within 2 months after their annual exam visit, this physical exam is discounted additionally beyond the standard 10% for loyal clients.
  • Even though prescription medication costs to us continue to go up, we avoid increases on long term medications as much as possible and keep almost all medication prices comparable to 1-800-petmeds.
  • Vaccine prices remain stable despite their change in cost to us- especially the high quality vaccines we use.  We are still using the same high quality vaccines.  They have a high level of safety and effectiveness.
  • All medical waste disposal fees are waived for loyalty members.
  • For dogs, receive a $12 rebate in the mail when you purchase a 12 pack of Heartgard Plus.  We send in the rebate for you.
  • For dogs, when you buy 6 Frontline Plus applications, you receive 2 free additional Frontline Plus applications.  This makes the cost to you less than if you purchased it through 1-800-petmeds.
  • For cats, buy 9 Revolution applications and get 3 free applications.  This gives your cat the entire year of protection for less than you'd pay at 1-800-petmeds.
Dentistry Benefits
  • Loyalty members qualify to receive a free OraStrip diagnostic testing at their pet's annual exam.  ($15 value) This testing checks for disease going on under the gumline that may not be visible by just examination.
  • When your pet has a dental procedure, the dental recheck 2 weeks later is free.
  • If your pet requires dental cleaning within 18 months of their last cleaning, receive 25% off ($50 off) the routine cleaning and polishing.
  • Receive a free toothbrush with the purchase of toothpaste from our hospital.

*offers and prices are subject to change
What is the loyalty program?
The term "wellness" describes care performed specifically to prevent disease and to detect signs of early illness in a pet that is apparently healthy.

Our loyalty program rewards clients who choose to come to us for their pet's preventative/wellness care regularly and purchase their pet's medications through us.  It's a thank you from us for giving your pet the care they deserve and hopefully makes it a little easier for you to provide this for them.

Your pet is automatically enrolled if we saw them in 2015 for their annual preventive exam.  Enrollment and benefits for the loyalty program will continue automatically for the year when you bring your pet in for their annual preventive exam within 1 month of the due date each following year.  If you have multiple pets, each is enrolled separately.

If you are a new client of Woodridge Animal Hospital, any pet we have seen is automatically enrolled.  Your pet is automatically been entered into our system to be due for an annual preventive exam either as indicated on the records you provided or 1 year from the first date we saw you.  To continue enrollment and benefits, all you need to do is bring your pet in for their annual preventive exam prior to 1 month after the due date.
Did you know? More than 10% of pets brought to veterinary clinics for checkups have some type of underlying disease or abnormality.  Unfortunately, pets cannot tell you how they're feeling and as a result, disease may be present before you are aware of it.  Regular wellness/preventative exams and wellness testing help us to intervene early, often before a disease process becomes more serious.