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Pet Medical Savings Plan
An optional early payment deposit plan
Budgeting pet healthcare can be difficult, especially when other unexpected expenses arise at the same time.  This year, several of our clients asked us if they could "prepay" or set up a "layaway" plan for their pet's elective care .  This gave us the idea for the "Pet Medical Savings Plan".  The idea is to help you budget... just in case when your pet needs care, your car breaks down, the furnace stops working, or a family member is sick.  Our hope is that the Pet Medical Savings plan will help you afford the best care for your pet and have that money available when you need it.    
The Details:
  • This is a prepayment plan.  It allows you to save money for your pet's healthcare before it's needed.
  • You are never locked into a plan.  If you can't deposit one month or want to deposit more another month, that's up to you.
  • If you've been saving for your pet's annual wellness visit or a particular procedure and your pet becomes ill, you can use the funds you've already deposited to pay for the illness or continue to have it as a credit on your account for the planned expense.
  • There is no interest earned with this plan.  This plan is not tax deductible or tax deferred.  There are no fees involved with this plan.
  • You can use the credit from the plan for wellness care, emergency care, or any medicine, food, or supplement here at Woodridge Animal Hospital.
  • It is not necessary to use the credit on your account within a specified timeframe.
  • Deposits can be made by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover.
How it works:
When you make a deposit on your account and no services, medications, food, or supplements have been received, a credit is placed on your account for use at a later date.  You are prepaying for future care of your pet. 

How it's structured:
You decide what will work best for you.  Some options include:
1.  We can calculate approximately how much your pet's annual wellness visit will cost and figure out for you how much you would need to pay monthly to reach the total by the time of your pet's visit. 
2.  We can calculate approximately how much an expected upcoming procedure, such as a dental cleaning, will cost.  You tell us how much you can deposit monthly and we'll figure out when you'll have enough money deposited to schedule the procedure.
3.  You choose an amount to deposit monthly that works with your budget. 
4.   It can also be as simple as you deposit extra funds when you have them and use them as a credit when you need them.