There will likely be no time in your relationship with your pet more difficult than the end of their life and the decisions you need to make during this time.  Everyone’s experiences are different which makes these choices very personal and individual.  You know your pet better than anyone.  We are here to help you understand, based on diagnostic testing and experience, what your pet is likely feeling and what medical options are available for managing your pet’s ailments.  This information will equip you with the information you need along with your intimate knowledge of your pet to fairly decide what’s best for your pet.   

Though we can’t possibly know exactly what you’re feeling or going through, we do understand the difficulty of your situation.  Every one of our staff has gone through losing a pet and we want you to know you’re not alone in your grief. 

In hospital- If you prefer to plan in advance, we can make an appointment for you.  We recognize this difficult decision sometimes cannot be planned in advance and when you’ve made the decision, waiting can be an uncomfortable feeling.  We do our best to accommodate you regardless of the situation.  Even if we have no appointment time available when you feel it’s time, we will immediately place you in a room so you can privately spend time with your pet until we can be with you. 

Outside the hospital- We can make accommodations to perform euthanasia within an 8 mile radius of the hospital.  Whether it’s in your pet’s favorite place in the back yard or on their favorite bed at home, we will do our best to support you during this experience and fulfill your wishes as best we can.  Because this is normally performed during non-business hours, we need some advance notice to plan appropriately.  

Note:  Due to the sensitive nature of euthanasia.  We will not perform euthanasia on a pet that is not our patient without consulting with the pet’s regular veterinarian or it is clear the pet is suffering and death is imminent.
Photo by Carolyn Illes
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