Illness care

As in people, illness in your pet can occur at any time and can be mild or life threatening.  Our team is experienced in diagnosing and caring for many different conditions your pet may develop in their lifetime.  Each pet’s situation is different and below are some of the diseases and diagnostics we can use (as needed) to determine the condition and proper treatment of your pet.  Some of the most common of these include: 

Heart disease- We can perform x-rays, ECG, blood testing, and blood pressure to diagnose and properly manage heart conditions.
Skin disease- Allergies, hot spots, pyoderma, and ear infections are just some of the most frequent reasons we see pets with skin disease.  Impression smears, cultures, ear cytology, blood testing, and skin scrapings are some options available for finding the reason for skin or hair coat changes. 
Urinary tract disease- Cultures, x-rays, ultrasound, blood testing, and urinalyses are some of the tests that can be used to find urinary tract diseases such as bladder infections, lower urinary tract disease in cats, and renal failure.
Digestive system disease- Stomach upset, vomiting (gastritis), diarrhea (enteritis), constipation, and colitis can occur due to underlying disease or just from stress or eating something inappropriate.  If warranted, we can take x-rays, or perform blood testing or fecal testing to determine the cause and best treatment for your pet. 
Gland disease- Diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s disease, and Addison’s disease are just a few of the gland diseases that can be diagnosed with blood testing and urinalyses.  In most cases, these conditions require lifelong management.  We are experienced managing these conditions and will patiently help you not only understand what your pet is experiencing, but help you learn how to care for them and monitor their progress.
Respiratory disease-  Pneumonia, asthma, upper respiratory infections (viral and bacterial), and kennel cough are regularly diagnosed in both dogs and cats.  X-rays and cultures can be used to target treatment for chronic or unresponsive disease.
Eye conditions- Glaucoma, conjunctivitis, dry eye, and scratches on the eye are among the eye conditions we can diagnose in your pet.  Sometimes testing such as a fluorescein dye test, tonometry, or schirmer tear test to diagnose these conditions
Wound care- We can provide wound care for your pet and teach you how to continue to care for them at home if needed.
Bone and muscle conditions- Arthritis, disc disease, and muscle sprains are the three most common bone and muscle conditions we find in pets.  X-rays can be used to diagnose or rule out these and other skeletal conditions.

Anytime your pet arrives to be examined for an illness, we will talk to you extensively about the history of events leading up to your pet’s illness.  We will perform a comprehensive physical exam and discuss options available for diagnosing your pet’s condition.  Once we confirm the cause of illness, we will talk with you about appropriate therapy to decide what will work best for you and your pet.  Because many conditions require long term therapy, we recognize the importance of finding a therapy plan that will be manageable for you both.
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