Nutritional Counseling

Studies have proven that feeding your pet a healthy diet and keeping them at a lean body weight can extend their lives.  Many quality commercial diets are available with guidelines for how much to feed your pet printed on the package.  With each comprehensive physical exam, we will counsel you about your pet’s current food and body condition.  If you have any questions about your pet’s food or how to change their weight, please don’t hesitate to talk with us.  We want to work with you to help your pet live as long and as happy a life as possible.

Diet can play an important role in medical conditions as well.  Many common medical conditions can be prevented or managed by an alteration of diet alone for a year or more.  This approach is most successful when the condition is detected early (often through annual wellness testing) and strict diet management can be achieved.  Dietary management can help us avoid using mediations for as long as possible or minimize the doses your pet requires, while still managing your pet’s condition. 

Each medical condition warrants different nutritional requirements from your pet’s food.  There are several prescription therapeutic diet lines available.  We obtain the best results medically using one of these foods specifically designed for your pet’s condition.  If your pet refuses to eat one of the choices we have available, we can try other options.  If those fail, we can make recommendations that are available over the counter.  It is important to realize that these are not the same as prescription therapeutic diets and will not produce the same results.  However, they can be helpful in minimizing the effects of a disease.  We understand we are sometimes limited by how much your pet will let us help.

Most high quality commercial diets are complete and balanced for your pet’s needs when fed appropriately.  However, sometimes supplements may be beneficial for your pet’s individual needs.  Some examples we may recommend include glucosamine and chondroitan sulfate or fatty acid supplementation.
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