We want to help you make an educated choice when selecting a pet so that you and your pet will have many years of happiness together. 

At this consultation appointment, we can review any concerns you may have.  It's an opportunity for you, whether it’s your first pet or an additional pet, to discuss how to go about evaluating the pet you’re considering bringing into your home and to talk to Dr. Amy about any concerns you have.  The following is a list of some examples of what we may discuss.

  • things to consider when choosing a pet so that the pet will fit well into your lifestyle
  • advantages and disadvantages of adopting different aged pets
  • what to expect with having a puppy
  • if this is a second pet- what to consider when bringing in a new pet and how best to introduce them
  • what a pet will likely cost over its lifetime
  • pros and cons of adopting from a rescue vs. buying from a reputable breeder
  • how to find a reputable breeder, shelter, or rescue group
  • if purchasing a puppy from a breeder, what questions to ask and what to expect of a good breeder
  • what to look for when meeting a pet you’re thinking of adopting
  • if you have a particular breed(s) in mind, general information about the breed and predisposition to health conditions
Pet Selection Discussions
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