Pharmacy (on the premises)

In order to provide your pet with the medications they need promptly, our hospital maintains a complete immediate care pharmacy on the premises.  Additionally, if your pet requires a medication or supplement we don’t have, we will order it specifically for your pet and call you when it arrives.

We have spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into choosing which medications we carry for use in your pet.  Often there are several options for treatment of a condition or brands of supplements available.  The choices we make for your pet are based on experience, efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness.  While we are open to new treatments that become available, we usually won’t be one of the first hospitals to carry the medication.  We need to feel comfortable that the new medication is a better choice than the one we’re currently using.  

In order to receive a refill on a long term medication, we need to have performed a comprehensive physical exam on your pet within the year and performed any testing as necessary.

If your pet needs a medication refilled, you can call or stop by the hospital and we will refill the prescription, having it ready for pickup within 15 minutes.
Online Pharmacies
“Purchasing Pet Drugs Online:  Buyer Beware”

The Federal Drug Administration has issued a public service announcement warning people about purchasing medications from online pharmacies.  You can view this by clicking on the link:
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How You Help Keep Your Pet's Medical Costs Down
It's difficult for small businesses to compete with corporate entities who focus on volume, not service.  Regardless, we do our best to stay as competitive as possible with these companies.  Whenever you purchase your pet's medications through us, that small profit helps us keep other prices lower.