Puppy and Kitten Care and Guidance

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!  Be sure to take lots of pictures because they don’t stay that little for long!

We are here to share in all the excitement of your newcomer, help and support you during any struggles of training, offer advice on finding harmony between your newcomer and any existing pets, and guide you in providing proper healthcare for your pet now and throughout their life.

Once your new pet comes home, we recommend scheduling an appointment within one week so we can perform an examination to ensure they are in good health. 

Your first visit with your pet may last longer than the follow up visits.  We understand you likely have a lot of questions and we allow plenty of time to answer them.  Because this amount of information can be overwhelming, we give you “The Right Paw”, a book written by Dr. Amy.  It includes reliable information and advice she has been sharing with pet owners for years.  It will likely answer any question you will have and probably some you never thought of. 

Also at your first visit and each follow-up visit, we perform a comprehensive physical exam, administer appropriate vaccinations, perform any needed laboratory testing, and provide any medications or preventatives you need.  We will give you a schedule for your pet’s future visits and a general guideline for their years to come.
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